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Cookie Policy

Cookies and web beacons, anonymous information through the use of our web pages


We use cookies on certain spaces of the Website. The cookies are files storing information on your hard disc or on your web browser. The cookies help us explore which sections of the website are the most popular, since they allow us to see which pages our visitors enter and how much time they spend there. By analysing such data, we can conform our website to the needs of the users, and as a result, we can enhance diversity of the user experience.

When you visit our website, the system may automatically collect certain technical information which does not allow the identification of the visitor, for instance the name of another website which have navigated you to the specific site or the location of the access to the website or searches carried out on the website. Collection of such information helps us explore searching habits preferred by the users of our website, without using personal data. Such information will only be used for internal purposes. The anonymous or general data, by which the person of user cannot be identified, are not qualified as personal data; therefore they do not fall under the scope of this Policy.

You can set your browser so that it will accept or reject each cookie or notify you if any cookie is placed on your computer. The web browsers differ from one another, to this end please use the menu “Help” in your browser if you intend to change the cookie settings. For instance, in the case of Microsoft Internet Explorer you can delete or disable the cookies by choosing the option “Tools/Internet Settings” and you can alter your security settings. The Website has been created for operation with using cookies, therefore disabling cookies may affect the functionality of the Website and impede the use all the advantages and functions of the Website by you.

Cookies used on the websites and the areas of their use:


Name Owner Type Expiration Description
NID google.com Analytical 6 months Remembers the settings related to the map
OGPC google.com Technical 1 month Remembers the settings related to the map
CONSENT google.com Analytical 2 years Serves for customization of Google advertisements and storing of the user preferences (e.g. language)
GAPS google.com Analytical 2 years Storing of information related to the use of Google map
_ga beontrips.com Analytical 2 years Measuring of the Website visits and their time and mode
_gat beontrips.com Analytical 10 minutes Measuring of the Website visits and their time and mode
_gat_travelctracker beontrips.com Analytical 10 minutes Measuring of the Website visits and their time and mode
oam.Flash.RENDERMAP.TOKEN beontrips.com Technical session Sharing information among the visitors of the Website
COOKIES_POLICY beontrips.com Technical 1 year It stores whether the cookie policy has been accepted.
icl_current_language beontrips.com Technical 1 day It stores the preferred language.
icl_visitor_lang_js beontrips.com Technical 8 hours It stores the preferred language.
devicePixelRatio beontrips.com Technical 7 days It stores the resolution of the screen used.
comment_author_xxx beontrips.com Technical 1 year It stores comments.
comment_author_email_xxx beontrips.com Technical 1 year It stores e-mails containing comments.



The Website and the communication, resulted from its use and/or registration on it, may contain promotional e-mails and electronic images which are known as “web beacon”. The web beacons function in conformity with cookies, and they can be used for the following, among others:

  • count the users visiting the website;
  • monitor your activity in relation to a specific e-mail or whether you have clicked a link, where, for instance, the terms of entry into a contest can be found;
  • Allow to conclude how successful a marketing campaign or a contest has been;
  • they lay the foundation to the extent of the interest arisen by certain elements of the website, according to certain criteria;
  • they determine how the advertisements and contents contribute to the sales results; or
  • they help us assess how popular a certain product or service is and how the interest is divided between the various products and services of the Company.